Women's History Month

70 Women Offer Advice To Other Women In A Powerful Video About Lifting Each Other Up

"Enjoy the ride 'cause you only go around once."

If you're a woman, what advice might you give another woman?

Seventy girls and women between the ages of 5 and 75 were asked this question in a Glamour magazine video in time for Women's History Month. Their answers range from the adorable to the profound, but all aim to empower others. 

Watch the video below to hear what the had to say.  


"Hug people, and treat them nice," said one 6-year-old girl. "Always be yourself," said an 8-year-old. "Be strong, stay happy, and don't let anyone hurt you," added a10-year-old.

After moving through the teenagers, adults start in on the conversation, echoing sentiments from previous responses as well as sharing their advice based on their own life experiences.

"Love yourself. You are enough. And you don't need the validation of somebody else to prove that to you," a 24-year-old woman stated.

"Do you. And be you. And be shameless while you do it," a 33-year-old said.

"Enjoy the ride 'cause you only go around once," a 54-year-old added.

And finally, a woman in her 60s noted that our hearts are the most important thing about us. 

"Hold on to your heart. And keep it dear. Because that's the most precious thing you have." 

All together, their responses remind women just how powerful they are and how important it is for us to love, appreciate, and celebrate each other and ourselves. 


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