Women's History Month

Want To Know How Many Times A Day Men Interrupt Women? There's An App For That.

How many times have you been interrupted?

After a year of popular use of the term "manterruption" –– the act of a man interrupting a woman while she's talking –– a new app measures how many times that happens in conversations.

The app, Woman Interrupted, launched on March 6 and was inspired by the first presidential debate in 2016, when now-President Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton a total of 51 times, according to the nonprofit's press release. But the concept of manterruption goes beyond the presidential campaign. According to a 2014 study from George Washington University, men are twice as likely to interrupt women.

"At first glance, it may seem like a small problem, but it reflects deeper issues of gender inequality at work and in society," Gal Barradas, the founder and co-CEO of BETC São Paulo — the ad agency working with Woman Interrupted — said in the press release.

Women can use Woman Interrupted by using their phone's internal microphone to analyze a conversation without recording the words being said in these discussions. The app detects female and male voice frequencies in order to determine how many interruptions occur from or toward either gender. It also reflects the results on a graph to give users a visual look of exactly when the interruptions happened and also includes data on how many times someone is interrupted within a week, month, or year. Users can also share their stats, and help the app's goal to track when the most frequent interruptions happen across the globe.


Watch the video for the app below:

Illustrators are taking a stance against manterruption by partnering with Woman Interrupted to create portraits of silence. Check out some of them below:







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