Women's History Month

This College Basketball Team Makes Their Mark During Women's History Month And Beyond

These ladies know their way around a basketball court.

A huskie is described as "athletic and intelligent."

The women dominating the game of basketball from the University of Connecticut Huskies are that and more. They aren't only intellectual athletes on and off the court, but they've changed the game at the collegiate level as we know it.   

The Lady Huskies recently made headlines for their 100-game winning streak, something no other college basketball program, women or men, has ever been able to accomplish. By comparison, the longest winning streak for the UConn men's team was 23 games and UCLA men's basketball reached 88 straight wins, which was surpassed by the UConn women in 2010.  


UConn's Guard/Forward, Katie Lou Samuelson

"When you come in, you never really expect to win so many in a row," UConn senior guard Saniya Chong said in an interview in February. "I just think it is so much about what UConn has accomplished over the years and how each year it is a new group but we want the same thing, we all want to be better, we all want to come together."

Now it's March. And for college basketball fans that means March Madness.

As the fierce and competitive, four-straight national championship-winning UConn women's basketball team opens Saturday's NCAA tournament, they will welcome their competitors to their home, the Huskies' Harry A. Gampel Pavilion on the campus in Storrs, Conn.

"There's always a lot of excitement in the air because this is the time of year, this is when it all kind of happens," Geno Auriemma, UConn's head coach since 1985, said. "You spend five months practicing and working and trying to prove that you're a really, really good team. And then March comes around and everybody goes, 'You know, you were the best team in the country.' And you stand up and you feel pretty good about yourself."

If their winning streak persists, they’ll head to the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn., next for the regional, and Dallas for the Final Four, where they’ll bid for their fifth consecutive national title and 12th overall.

Since headlines announced their 100-game winning streak, the Lady Huskies have gone on to win seven more against highly ranked teams such as Notre Dame and Maryland. They defeated South Florida in a 100-44 win on March 6 to take home the American Athletic Conference Tournament trophy.

"It's been an amazing, a year that no one could have predicted," Auriemma added. "And yet, we have three weekends to prove that we're as good as everyone says we are. That's why this is the most exciting time of the year."

UConn's team isn't the only one making moves in sports. See more in the clip below:


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