Women's History Month

10 Posters Girls And Young Women Should Have Hanging Up On Their Walls

"We hope to inspire and empower future generations to blaze their own trails."

How great would it be if posters of successful women in STEM fields and human rights activists were hung up alongside posters of a girl's favorite musical artist and actress? Well, these illustrations might be just the thing the walls in teen bedrooms and college dorm rooms have been missing. 

In its project Trailblazers, Verve Search — a London-based marketing agency — designed a series of illustrative posters as a tribute to some of the world's most inspiring women. 

"In the thick of Women's History Month and against the backdrop of the ongoing marches, this is a perfect moment to reaffirm the achievements of 10 women who've stimulated positive change in their respective fields," James Barnes, creative writer and researcher at Verve Search, told A Plus. "When determining who to feature, we were keen to celebrate women from a variety of countries and across a diverse range of fields including technology, the arts, medicine, sport, politics, and human rights."

The team found it challenging to narrow the list to just 10 women because they uncovered so many inspirational stories in their research. They hope others will be inspired by the selected women's achievements and want to learn more about them. 

"Whilst we don't think it's the case that young women necessarily need to be able to 'see it to be it,' we do think that having role models to aspire is likely to have a positive effect," Barnes said. "Ultimately, in celebrating the accomplishments of these trailblazing women we hope to inspire and empower future generations to blaze their own trails."

You can check out the posters and learn more about why these women were selected below: 


1. Mary Seacole

"As a woman of mixed race, Mary Seacole overcame double prejudice to set up a hotel that cared for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. In 2004, she was voted as the greatest Black Briton." 

2. Frida Kahlo

"Frida was a Mexican painter that gained recognition in first half of the 19th century for her searingly honest, feminist self-portraits. Having suffered from polio and a life-threatening bus accident as a child, she regularly employed themes of pain and suffering in her compositions."

3. Indira Gandhi

"Indira was an Indian politician that, to date, is the only female prime minister of India. A poll run by the BBC in 1999 named Indira as the 'Woman of the Millennium.' " 

4. Ada Lovelace

"Ada was an English mathematician and writer, whose work on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine has seen many regard her as the world's first computer programmer." 

5. Joan Clarke

"Joan was a cryptanalyst who worked at Bletchley Park during the second World War as a code breaker. Owing to her contribution to the Enigma Project — which decrypted the Nazi's war communications — Joan received an MBE in 1946." 

6. Malala Yousafzai

"A staunch advocate of female education and the youngest ever Noble Prize laureate, having, aged 17, received the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala survived an assassination attempt from a Taliban gunman and went on to fund the Malala Fund, a nonprofit organization that, among other things, has set up schools for Syrian refugees." 

7. Sheryl Sandberg

"Sheryl is the chief operating officer of Facebook and the first woman to serve on their board. She founded the nonprofit Lean In Foundation, which strives to inspire women to achieve their business goals." 

8. Laura Dekker

"At age 16, Laura become the youngest person to complete a full, solo circumnavigation of the world — she still holds that record." 

9. Ellen DeGeneres

"Ellen is an actor, comedian, author, and TV host that has evolved into one of the leading voices of the LGBT community. In 2016, Barack Obama awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom." 

10. Michelle Obama

"Served as the first African-American first lady during Barack Obama's eight-year reign. Michelle harnessed her position of power to relentlessly support LGBT rights, women's rights, and global poverty." 


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