Women's History Month

Watch 'Saturday Night Live' Tackle Mansplaining In The Most Clever Way

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney wrote a special sketch for the female cast.

The entire female cast of Saturday Night Live — with a little help from Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney — used their International Women's Day-themed sketch to offer the perfect explanation of "mansplaining," a phenomenon that can be hard to define but usually falls into the "you know it when you see it" category.

The sketch opens with Scarlett Johansson and Aidy Bryant explaining that, because they were participating in the A Day Without A Woman strike on Wednesday — when much of the writing for SNL gets done — they were unable to write any of the sketches for this week's show. 

"But," Johansson says, "our good friends Beck and Kyle offered to write something for us."

Johansson notes that no one else has had the chance to read what Bennett and Mooney wrote yet, but they've been promised that the sketch includes an important conversation about women's issues. What could go wrong?



In the sketch, Johansson, Bryant, Bennett, and Mooney are four friends meeting for a meal who haven't seen each other for a while. Mooney seems bummed about something, and when Bennett asks him what's wrong, Mooney reveals that a recent incident got him thinking. 

"On the way here, I saw a guy harassing a girl on the street," he says. "It just made me realize how hard it must be to be a woman." 

"Not to mention, they're paid less than us," Bennett replies, which leads him and Mooney to launch into a back-and-forth about various women's issues while Johansson and Bryant sit quietly at the table. 

Johannson and Bryant do eventually get one line, but the sketch makes an important point about what happens when voices are left out of the conversation. 

Watch it in full below:


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