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Comics Show The Hilarious Differences Between Raising A First And Second Child

"I want to make things that tell the truth."

What's A-Parent is a series highlighting those who get real about the hardships that come with raising kids. These often untold stories help show parents they are not alone in their struggle, and are doing an amazing job.

With parenting comes a slew of different challenges, but one artist, Weng Chen, has decided to show just how much of a rollercoaster it can be. In a series of illustrations on Chen's blog, "The Messycow Comics," the artist hilariously depicts the differences between parenting your first and your second child.

Chen's comics all started in 2012 when she had her first daughter. "It changed everything," Chen writes on her comics' Facebook page. "The biggest joy came with the realization of being responsible for another human being, which put me in constant self-doubt, anxiety, and panic. I struggled to balance motherhood and work, which I found was a battle that's doomed to fail. In the process of making all the difficult decisions and seeking peace of mind, I've been learning, changing and growing every day, together with my children."

Chen goes on to explain that she's an introvert, but with a pen, she's able to draw and articulate whats on her mind. Art became a way to document her life after "almost four years of being occupied with children, working, and thinking." 

"I want to make things that tell the truth," she writes. "I want to make things that are close to my heart. I want to make things that after they are grown, my children will read and laugh, and they will understand who I am. I want to share my stories to connect with people."

Finally, Chen adds that she hopes those who see her work will share in her emotions and humor; her latest series is a seemingly successful display of just that. In a series captioned "Birth order matters," the mother compares and contrasts everyday happenings that come with raising one's first and second children. 

For example, in one image, Chen begins with comparing and contrasting pregnancies: 


In another, she draws what it's like shopping for toys for those respective children. When it comes to the firstborn, Chen illustrates a mother purchasing everything under the sun, all while being persuaded by a salesperson. When it comes to the second child, Chen draws the same mother rummaging through old supplies, finding just what she needs in a box. 

We love that Chen's comics are both relatable and funny, and hopefully, they provide some much-needed laughter for any parent experiencing something similar. 

Check out more below:

(H/T: Bored Panda)


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