What's A-Parent

6 Moms Got Real About Parenting So Other Moms Can Know They're Not Alone

"In the last nine months, I have suffered my worst anxiety I have ever experienced."

What's A-Parent is a series highlighting those who get real about the hardships that come with raising kids.These often untold stories help show parents they are not alone in their struggle, and are doing an amazing job.

Motherhood is a challenge. Period. But many moms are sometimes hesitant to speak out about just how difficult it can be for fear of being deemed anything less than the "ultimate mom." 

Thankfully, there are a number of mothers who aren't afraid to get real. Very real. And they are taking to social media to share their honest and uncensored thoughts to let other tired, stressed moms out there know that what they are going through may be tough, but they're not alone. 

We've covered many of these mothers' stories, but to get one big dose of "real talk," check out these six moms who tell it like it is. They offer fresh perspectives that every mom and mom-to-be should read. 


1. Mel Watts

Mel Watts wrote a frank Facebook post about what the first nine months after having a baby are like. She wrote, "In the last 9 months I have never slept so little in my life. In the last 9 months I have suffered my worst anxiety I have ever experienced. Having a new baby is exhausting and life just doesn't stop. The bills still need to be paid, groceries still need to be purchased and the pressure you put on yourself is overwhelming." 

Watts told the stressed out moms to relax, that they are only human and that they have already survived "the first 9 months of poop, spew and crappy sleep."

2. Revie Jane Schulz

New mom and personal trainer Revie Jane Schulz got candid about struggling to accept her post-baby body in an Instagram post. She opened up about being proud of her daughter, but not always being confident with the way she looked.

"I've found myself several times looking down at my belly. I caught myself feeling sad when clutching the loose skin that was once tight, unmarked and toned," she wrote on Facebook. "I tried to embrace and remind myself what it was all for but am left feeling so self conscious. I kept telling myself 'you knew it wouldn't be back to normal straight away, give it time,' but it was still a shock and I do get upset about it. And that is perfectly okay." 

She concluded that it does get easier, and that when she feels down, she can look at her daughter, whom she created.

3. Storm-Manea Ellyatt

A lot of moms only post positive stuff on social media, but Storm-Manea Ellyatt opened up about how frustrating parenting can be in a Facebook letter

She said, "It feels like a sick joke you never quite understood until this moment. All those cute bonds ads, miniature Nike shoes, adorable baby shower gifts, baby spam on Instagram, squad dates with your mom posse and those god damn laceylaners lied to me. Not once did I see an ad with a mom locked in her cupboard crying in her leaked, stained PJs from three days ago, covered in sweat and vomit, praying to every god imaginable for the strength and patience to go back to the shitshow that is now their life. The once calm, poised, patient goddess, who could sling cocktails, swear with sailors and dance uninhibited until tomorrow afternoon, can [barely] hold a conversation, hold her eyes open or the tears back from this new found 'bliss.'" 

In closing, she saluted all of the parents who "dust themselves off" and do it again.

4. Erin Joy Farias

It is often parents who teach their children things, but one mom isn't afraid to admit her kid taught her something valuable. Erin Joy Farias, a mother from Michigan, admitted that she learned an important lesson from her son for allowing him to pick out the glasses he wanted. 

She wrote on Facebook, "I became another person contributing to the problem of gender stereotypes when I essentially made my son choose green glasses. When his new purple glasses arrived and I presented them to my sweet boy (seconds before I took this photo), he squealed with the purest joy. His smile radiated confidence. I'm sorry for trying to persuade you to not love what you love, Hendrick. Your smile is enough."

5. Amanda Bacon

Mom-of-two Amanda Bacon recently shared a photo of herself wearing a mesh diaper, and it quickly went viral. She thought the photo was funny, raw, and stunning. 

She wrote on Facebook, "Having a baby is a beautiful experience, and the realities of postpartum life aren't spoken enough about. And definitely not photographed enough. Some people probably find this uncomfortable, but why? I seriously don't get it! It's probably because this part isn't talked about. We all should try and educate, empower and embrace every aspect of childbirth, including moments like this. "

6. Ryshell Castleberry

Mom Ryshell Castleberry wrote a Facebook post on stay-at-mothers not having a "job." She framed the post as a conversation between a husband and a psychologist. To highlight all of the work that stay-at-home moms do, she then added the mom's part. 

She wrote, "I work as a wife of the home, 24 hours a day ... I am a mother, I am a woman, I am a daughter, I'm the alarm clock, I'm the cook, I'm the maid, I am the master, I'm the bartender, I'm the babysitter, I'm a nurse, I am a manual worker, I'm a security officer, I'm the advisor, I am the comforter, I don't have a vacation, I don't have a license for disease. I don't have a day off, I work day and night, I'm on duty all the time, I do not receive salary and ... Even so, I often hear the phrase: 'But what do you do all day?' " 

She dedicated the post to "all the women who give their lives for the welfare of their families."


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