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Dad Encourages Parents, Who Are 'Doing The Best They Can,' To Give Themselves A Break Sometimes

"I'm so tired, I could ...... zzzzzzzz."

What's A-Parent is a series highlighting those who get real about the hardships that come with raising kids. These often untold stories help show parents they are not alone in their struggle, and are doing an amazing job.

Weekends are supposed to be a time to relax, yet, for many parents, they are filled with endless to-do lists, activities, and trying to catch up on things they didn't get done during the week. After a busy Saturday and Sunday, some parents even find themselves looking forward to Monday, even if they have to go back to work.

Simon Hooper, a dad of four daughters, recently wrote an Instagram post about parents' tendency to pack in as much as possible on the weekend, and why everyone should "remind ourselves we're doing the best we can" and take a break.


The London-based dad used a shopping analogy to explain his recent busy weekend. "This weekend was like trying to fit the weekly shop into a single carrier bag that had the structural integrity of a biscuit that had been dunked one too many times," he writes. "Cram too much in and it breaks, spilling its guts all over the pavement to onlookers to stare and mutter 'Glad that wasn't me' while you silent sob into a snotty rag you found in your pocket that kids took a particularly large blow into earlier."

He recounts how his family got to that point recently because of sleepovers, sports clubs, trips to the zoo, walks in the park, trips to five different shops to find slime ingredients, cleaning, cooking, and much more. He admits that he is usually the most positive person in the room, but "when you add in two very over tired older girls and twins who are everywhere at all times, you end up with broken parents."

Hooper admits, "I've now developed an eye twitch so bad that women think I'm coming on to them through winking."

The dad-of-four states that parenting is hard work, but he also acknowledges that parents can sometimes be their worst enemies by trying to do too much. That is why he's encouraging people to relax. He concludes, "We should give ourselves a break sometimes and remind ourselves we're doing the best we can. Anyone else feel our pain? I'm so tired, I could ...... zzzzzzzz."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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