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Blogger Posts 20 Of The Very Gross, Very Real Things That Happen After 'Pushing Out A Baby'

"Your first shower will be like a scene from 'Carrie.'"

What's A-Parent is a series highlighting those who get real about the hardships that come with raising kids.These often untold stories help show parents they are not alone in their struggle, and are doing an amazing job.

After nine months, the moment you've been waiting for has finally happened. Your bundle of joy has been pushed out of your womb, brought into the world, and taken his or her first breath. But what happens right after that can be disgusting, stressful, and beautiful. 

British mommy blogger Bekki Pope, who blogs at Mummy Mumbles, recently posted on Facebook about her own experience after giving birth for the first time. In a post titled "20 things to know when you've just pushed out a baby," she gives an honest and amusing take on life post-childbirth. 

Her post touches on topics that many first time moms-to-be may have not considered too deeply. For instance, have you ever wondered what your first trip to the bathroom post-baby will be like? Don't worry, Pope is here to let you know from experience. 

"Your first poo. Do not panic. You are not having another baby. It just feels that way. But just remember the size of the thing you pushed out of the front bit, and the prospect of pushing out what's in the back bit won't be quite so daunting. Your bum is not falling out," she wrote.  


Another very important trip to the bathroom will be the first time you take a shower afterward. "Your first shower will be like a scene from Carrie. It's normal. It may feel like you'll never be right again and that you'll walk like John Wayne forever, and you might, but you'll feel so much better for the shower," she wrote. 

Other topics include how very weird newborn children look, the endless number of people who will want to visit you at the hospital, and a word you'll be constantly saying but haven't thought twice about before: "Latch." 

Pope's very best advice comes at the end, though. 

"Stop worrying. You're not superwoman. There is no such thing as normal, and there is no such thing as perfect. You are your baby's normal. You are your baby's perfect. They aren't judging you. They are completely reliant on you and being responsible for another human being is not a piece of cake. It's a piece of 'oh my god I can't do this'. You can. And everyday will get easier. Breath[e] mummy.
You just grew and pushed out a mini Mitchell brother. There's nothing you can't do," she wrote. "Except sleep. You can't do that anymore." 

Her experience is definitely resonating with mothers everywhere. Since she posted her list accompanied by a sweet photo of her son two weeks ago, it's been shared nearly 80,000 times, amassed over 100,000 likes, and received over 45,000 comments. Many of those comments are filled with people sharing their own post-labor experiences, expressing how much they relate to Pope's words, and thanking her for her honesty.

You can check out Pope's entire post below:

It's important to note that Pope was sharing her own personal experience. If you're concerned about something going on with you or your baby after delivering, be sure to talk to your doctor. 

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