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Why Jennifer Lopez Called This Male Duo's 'World Of Dance' Performance A 'Showstopper'

"We don't get to see that much."

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This week on World of Dance, a talented duo wowed both the judges and the audience with their emotional routine. The dancers just happen to be two men — Charles Fournier and Wyatt Rocker of Marinda Davis' dance company marInspired. Their appearance shows the importance of same-sex representation on the dance floor.

The pair danced a contemporary routine to Julia Michaels' "Issues," acting out the story of the song through acrobatic and evocative choreography. Judge Jennifer Lopez called the performance a "showstopper" on Twitter. 


"We don't get to see that much — two guys dancing together, and so strong," Lopez said on the show. She added that it was the "first time" the show had featured a male duo portraying an intimate relationship through dance. 

Her fellow judges echoed her praise, with Derek Hough commending their "great storytelling," and Ne-Yo saying the routine's "lack of order is what makes it beautiful." The three of them gave the pair an average score of 91.3, sending them to the next round.

Although their performance was bound to draw some haters, the online reaction to the routine was overwhelmingly positive, with one Twitter user pointing out the need to "normalize" male duos.

As TooFab wrote in its recap of the show, "Two guys expressing emotions and feelings together through dance shouldn't be taboo, and as we just saw, it doesn't have to lose any of its masculinity, either. That was just some damned fine dancing."

Other dance competition shows have featured same-sex pairings in the past, including Italia's Got Talent and Hough's former series Dancing With the Stars. We look forward to seeing even more representation in the future, and can't wait to watch marInspired advance in the competition.

Watch the pair's full routine in the video below:


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