The Way You Move

A Bunch Of Teenage Dancers Perform A Sizzling Routine To Missy Elliott's 'WTF (Where They From)'

Their energy is contagious!

Some people dance, others sway, but we haven't really discovered the words to describe what's happening in this video yet.

Choreographed by Los Angeles-based dance instructor Tricia Miranda, the video features a group of insanely talented young dancers performing to Missy Elliott's latest rhythmic masterpiece, "WTF (Where They From)."

The song itself is a burst of energy, but the dancers really take it not one, not two, but a million notches up, making it an exceptionally awesome spectacle. 


Get ready for some involuntary butt shaking and check out the video below:

We mean, this awesomeness requires an anchor, don't you agree?

Oof ... So hawt!

Wow, these munchkins can move.

Can you even imagine the girl in a green shirt is 13-years-old? It's Kaycee Rice. And you're welcome.


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