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See The Young Dance Troupe That Got Jennifer Lopez Fired Up On ‘World Of Dance’

Attack moves like a beast!

During another night of qualifying round competition, a group of 10 extremely talented kids called The Lab blew away the World Of Dance judges with their performance to Puff Daddy's "Bad Boys for Life." The Lab is a coed junior division act (ages 17 and under) from West Covina, Calif., with the sickest moves in hip-hop acrobatics, and fierce stank face to boot. Jennifer Lopez was practically flying out of her seat. Throughout their entire dance routine, J.Lo cheered them on, laughed, and even slapped the judge's desk because she was so fired up.


Since the launch of the show, there has been nonstop showcased talent, as we saw with Les Twins in the upper division, so it would seem the World Of Dance judges are already going to have some tough decisions to make in their opening season. The Lab has some limber competition in their division with Diana Pombo, and her contemporary dance contortions, but they really slayed it with their stage presence.

At the end of their performance, J.Lo praised The Lab's energy and connection as a group, saying, "It was from beginning to end exciting, unexpected, innovative — your moves, your synchronicity, everything about it was just so in sync."

Their group name is short for The Lab Creative Arts Studio, which is the dance studio where they all met. According to their website, the studio offers a place "where eager minds are motivated, educated, and inspired to discover their talent and become empowered to shape their future!" The group's choreographer revealed that some of the members come from "broken homes," but that hasn't stopped them from performing with attack moves like a beast!

As a group, they are incredibly in sync and they have a chemistry that transfers to their personal lives. They are self-proclaimed "underdogs," who say they're "here to stay," and they "aren't going anywhere."

Check out their full performance and J.Lo’s reaction here:

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