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One Explosive Routine Shows Why This ‘World Of Dance’ Crew Is One Of Jennifer Lopez’s Favorites

Now that's how you do a kip-up.

The young dance troupe The Lab that we all fell in love with at the beginning of World of Dance is staying on top in the Junior Division as they faced The Cut with defiance. Their performance to 50 Cent's "Disco Inferno" is on fire!

Is there anything these West Covina, Calif., kids can't do? It's like watching a music video at the beginning, as the youngest member rises on a throne of human dance mates and is crowned with shiny headphones. They awaken the dance beast and the routine starts.

"We come to The Lab and we don't worry about being judged," said one of the performers. Maybe that's their secret to killing it on stage, but they also wowed the judges by taking a relay of kip-ups in increments that judge Jennifer Lopez suggested during her mentoring session with them, and making it a part of their routine. It just goes to show you that sometimes all it takes is a little direction to have a kip-up over the competition.


From start to finish, the routine didn't let up. The Lab began their performance with dance interpretation, wowed in the middle with acrobatics, and ended the performance with one member breaking off from the group and flip-landing right in front of the judges for a final bow. Bravo! We can't wait to see what these kids will come up with this week, so make sure you tune in tonight.

Watch the amazing kip-ups in the video below and get jazzed for what's up next:

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