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Grind Got You Down? This 8-Year-Old's Dancing Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

See why Steve Harvey calls him "the next Fresh Prince."

Thaddeus Mixson is a dynamo. At just 8 years old, he's already appeared on The Voice and The Grind, as well as in music videos by Nick Cannon and Elijah Blake. He will soon mark yet another TV appearance when he makes his debut on NBC's Little Big Shots, a showcase for young talent from all over America developed by Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey, who, according to our friends at DanceOn, has called Thaddeus "the next Fresh Prince."

The video is a great chance to sample some of Thaddeus' incredible dancing before he hits the air on Little Big Shots.

Directed by David Javier, the video highlights Thaddeus' hard-earned talents choreographed by his real-life mentor Ivan "Flipz" Velez (who appears in the video as his older incarnation) and set to "Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)" by Matt Simons. 

"'Catch & Release' is about the common shared struggle of the grind and how everyone's got their own way of dealing with it," Simons told DanceOn. "Some people will go for a run, or others will have a drink, etc. It's whatever your way of releasing all the tension you build over the course of any given day. We wanted to do something different with the remix. The dance community seems hungry for songs with a deeper meaning. It felt really natural."


"Catch & Release" explores the joy that movement and dance can unleash.

It not only captures the beautiful carelessness that comes with being a kid ...

... it has the power to make you feel like one — if only for a moment — all over again.

Give yourself a break and watch the video here:

Be sure to check out Thaddeus Mixson and all the other fresh young talent on Little Big Shots.


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