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Choreography Set To Spice Girls' 'Say You'll Be There' Has Us Itching For A Reunion

Choreographer Kyle Hanagami never disappoints.

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It's been nearly two decades since the Spice Girls have released a new music, but their discography is timeless. Their songs have inspired tons of art, covers, and even choreography. On Friday, Los Angeles-based dancer and choreographer Kyle Hanagami released a video that showcases the routine he taught his talented dance students. 

Hanagami has previously impressed us with choreography set to songs such as Dua Lipa's "IDGAF," Adele's "Love in the Dark," and Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You." We weren't at all surprised to see that his take on the hit Spice Girl's song "Say You'll Be There" was even better. The routine is fun and full of energy, just like the nostalgic song it was set to. And, of course, Hanagami's students absolutely slay it all. 


The video also announced the #WannabeChallenge, which people can enter for the chance to win a shout-out from the Spice Girls. All they have to do is post a video of themselves doing some of the choreography taught in the video and post it online using the hashtag. 

Spice Girls fans have been holding out for years for a reunion — and now we may actually be getting one. Even if the rumors are true, the tour may not include all of Spice Girls. But while we may never watch Posh, Ginger, Scary, Baby, and Sporty perform together again, it's still exciting to see the lasting impact they've had on fans and artists. 

Watch Kyle Hanagami's choreography to "Say You'll Be There" here:

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