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The 'So You Think You Can Dance' Cast Gave Us A Master Class In Voguing Set To A Fierce RuPaul Song

The show beautifully celebrated LGBTQ culture in the process.

Listen up, children. So You Think You Can Dance delivered a master class in voguing at the beginning of last night's episode when the entire cast took on a RuPaul song and brought the entire house down.


The season 14 contestants and all-stars — with pros Robert Roldan and Comfort Fedoke mostly taking the spotlight — performed a high-energy and ultra-stylized group routine set to "Call Me Mother" by the Emmy-winning Drag Race host, and paid homage to LGBTQ culture in the process. Mark Kanemura, a SYTYCD alum and former Lady Gaga lead dancer, choreographed.

Voguing originated in the Harlem ballroom scene — particularly among Black drag queens as a way to "throw shade" — in the 1960s and gained mainstream exposure in 1990 when both Madonna's music video for "Vogue" and the documentary Paris Is Burning came out. The style has been evolving ever since its creation and has influenced many celebrities, particularly pop stars. Kiki, a 2016 documentary, is considered an unofficial sequel to Paris Is Burning, and checks in on this artform and the community that created it in modern times.

This performance — a bit of a departure from the regular styles featured on SYTYCD such as contemporary, jazz, ballroom, tap, Broadway, and hip-hop dancing — caught the eye of RuPaul, who gave it a seal of approval, and fellow Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, who was clearly living for it. And who wouldn't? It involved fans, rainbows, and (maybe) rose petals.

As if we needed another reason to love SYTYCD, a show which truly celebrates ALL forms of dance.

Watch the vogue-filled RuPaul number here:

Cover image via Michael Becker / Fox

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