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'Taste' How Complicated Love Can Be With This Breathtaking Dance Performance

Make sure you don't miss the twist.

Love is complicated, no matter how you frame it.

In this case, dance tells the story of a love triangle between a husband, wife, and her mistress for the song "Taste" by R&B duo Rhye.

Rhye recently teamed up with DanceOn, a platform dedicated to showcasing dance videos, to create a music video for "Taste." From there, DanceOn recruited choreographer Noelle Marsh, best known for her work on So You Think You Can Dance, to bring her skills to the table.


The video for "Taste" explores this love triangle between the married couple and mistress by transitioning between scenes of the couple having an emotional battle in their home at night, and cozy, loving scenes between the wife and mistress at night and during the day. The dancers have to work together to make each move intimate and calculate to show the raw emotions that come with a troubled marriage and the lust of what it's like to have a secondary romantic relationship.

Roxanne Teti, vice president of programming at DanceOn, said the goal of the video was to tell this complicated love story with "a voyeuristic twist."

"We wanted to deconstruct the typical stereotype of what people consider love to be," Roxanne Teti, vice president of programming at DanceOn, said to A Plus, "it's not always black or white, right or wrong, or win or lose."

It only took eight hours to film "Taste" and Teti hopes that "viewers see all perspectives of letting go of love."

Watch the full video below:

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