The Way You Move

We're Glued To The Screen Watching These Sultry And Hard-Hitting Moves To 'I Don't See 'Em'

Prepare to be hypnotized.


Don't tell her, but we at A Plus are starting to develop a major crush on choreographer Nika Kljun. You may recognize her as one of the dancers from the Britney Spears tribute at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and you may have been lucky enough to have seen her work on the Ukrainian version of So You Think You Can Dance?

We starting falling for the blonde bombshell a few months back when she taught us how to "Cha Cha." But we fell head over heels after eyeing the steps and pivots she threw down in a routine set to Christina Aguilera's early aughts banger, "Dirrty."

Now she's out with a sultry new clip that features movements set to SR's club-ready single, "I Don't See 'Em." What starts out as enticing writhing around on the floor evolves into a Step Up-worthy throwdown, which blends intricate flailing with stiletto-strong precision that's as hypnotizing as it is complex (and no easy feat!). Obviously, we can't stop watching!

"Love connecting dancers and pushing them to grow in many different ways," she says in an Instagram post. Indeed, that appears to be true of the crew assembled here to show off the routine.


First, Nika and her two pals give us some fantastic hair flips.

And these two ladies will make you want to up your stiletto game.

The guys weren't left out of this routine and are ready to hit the floor.

Ready to groove? Check out the seductive choreography in the video below:


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