The Way You Move

So You Think You Can Dance? These Dancers Of All Shapes Say 'Me Too' In A Sizzling Routine

Meghan Trainor must be proud.

Here at A Plus, it's no secret that we love a good dance video. But choreographer Brinn Nicole may have blessed us with our new favorite.

Set to Meghan Trainor's latest hit song, "Me Too," more than a dozen dancers show off their skills in a series of playful and intricate routines.

Seriously, this one's got it all!

There are some mirror movements from Serena and Savana Petruzello; the sexy showcase of "Blonde Ambition" members Marissa Heart, Hannah Cleeve, and Jamie Ruiz; the amazing choreography effortlessly executed by the Hot Mamas, which includes Brinn Nicole herself, as well as Gina Starbuck and Lisa Rosenthal; and even more tight twerking techniques, fierce freestyles, and an all-together dance party to round out clip that we hope we're invited to.

If you're not yet convinced by these words, then maybe these GIFs will do the trick.




Even moms-to-be can work it out!

We bet you're ready to check out the clip now, right? Then get to it!


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