The Way You Move

Watch Dancers Give This Hard-Hitting, Intense 'Too Good' Choreography A Try

We're sure this would make Drake and Rihanna proud.

In just a few days, nearly 700,000 people have watched various dancers take on Matt Steffanina's choreography, courtesy of one insanely impressive YouTube video. 

At the start of the video, dancers gather around Steffanina and observe his every move — mimicking each step and interpreting it as their own. 

Then, with a cover of Drake and Rihanna's "Too Good" playing in the background, various groups in different studios show off their unique skills, performing the choreography and showing off their own personalities at the same time.

The video also includes a link to an at-home tutorial that viewers can use to learn the dance and participate all over the world. 

Altogether, the choreography is particularly special in that it unites people of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes, for a chance to show support, be creative, and — simply — dance.


Be sure to check out the full video below for more:


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