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This Pair Moves In Perfect Unison During Their Energetic ‘World Of Dance’ Performance

The duo has been known to hang with music royalty.

Les Twins started from the bottom now they've made it to the World of Dance stage, blowing the judges away with their fierce, melodic, smooth dance moves during Tuesday's premiere. But the France-born twins weren't newbies to the international stage. In fact, Jennifer Lopez leaned over to Ne-Yo and asked if he, too, had seen them on YouTube as she had.

That's where another celebrity duo spotted them. Jay Z and Beyoncé were instantly mesmerized by the twin's unique dance style, which led to them eventually touring with Queen Bey in 2013.

Born Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, the identical twins who said they are the youngest of nine children, were raised by a single mother in Sarcelles, France. Needless to say, the twins were poverty stricken and dance was their form of expression.

The pair got their start as street dancers before a few viral YouTube videos got them global recognition. On Tuesday they reemerged to show the world, once again, that dance is a strong connecting force between the two of them. So much so that at times, they seem to be one.


Check out the performance that left the “World of Dance” judges awestruck:

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