The Way You Move

Watch Janet Jackson's Pre-Teen Dancers Absolutely Slay This Choreographed Dance

Mind-blowing talent.

It's not easy to learn a choreographed dance — let alone in two short hours — but dancers Taylor Hatala, 12, and Kyndall Harris, 13, did just that and absolutely killed it.


Choreographed by Antoine Troupe, who teaches at Millennium Dance Complex in L.A., and shot by Tim Milgram, the two pre-teens set the dance floor on fire with their slick moves and fiery attitude.

Troupe told BuzzFeed that Taylor and Kyndall, who took his class sometimes, were on a break from their tour with Janet Jackson — yes, Janet Jackson — and their parents "asked if we could do something fun, so I told the girls to pick a song."

They came into the studio the next day and churned out this incredible performance. 

"They're just so talented, they make everything look amazing and it inspires you to create more," Troupe said. 

"Younger dancers are a little more fearless," Troupe added. "They don't have all of those insecurities — and they don't really care about looking cool."

Fearless indeed. See for yourself:


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