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Troye Sivan Personally Requests Wind Machines For This Epic Dance Routine To His New Song

This is awesome.

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In a new video uploaded to his YouTube channel,Kyle Hanagami choreographs an epic routine to Troye Sivan's new song, "My My My!" But this time, Sivan himself gets involved — orchestrating something he thinks will make the routine even bigger and better.

Prior to the performance, Hanagami meets with Sivan to hear the singer's pitch. 

"So, on the music video, when we were filming 'My My My!' the thing that I think made me feel so confident in the video was [that] we had these giant wind machines. So I was wondering what you guys would be able to do with wind machines." 

With that, the video cuts to footage of Hanagami's class, wind machines and all. Dancers such as Emma Hauser, Shannon Kelly, Tash Marconi, Hugh Aparente, Kelvin Delgado, Ryan Vettel, and more, section off into groups and show the class their best moves, facing the wind machines with killer confidence.

"Thank you so much, Troye, for hooking my class up with wind machines and making all of my students feel like rock stars. They absolutely loved it!" Hanagami comments on the video. 

"I love how you incorporated the wind machines," one YouTube viewer adds in the comments section. "It really goes great with the song as well as the choreography. Beautiful job Kyle!"

Check out Hanagami's choreography below and get ready to practice your new moves:


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