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Get Ready To 'Dance To This' Choreography To Ariana Grande And Troye Sivan's New Song

Time to dance.

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In case you missed it, Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande released a new song this week, and it could be your go-to dance floor track.

Appropriately titled "Dance to This," the song is part of Sivan's second full-length album, Bloom, which is set for release in August. Grande is releasing her fourth album, Sweetener, the same month.

On Thursday, choreographer Kyle Hanagami released a video on YouTube featuring groups of dancers performing to "Dance to This," adding in the caption that he received an early copy of the track before its release. "All the dancers in class were so excited and love the new song!" Hanagami writes. 

Dancers include Floris Bosveld, Michael Dameski, Alekz Samone, Emma Hauser, Ryan Vettel, and more.

The impressive performances and choreography even caught the attention of Sivan himself. On Thursday, he tweeted:

This isn't the first time that Hanagami has choreographed a song of Sivan's; in February, Sivan personally requested that Hanagami choreograph a routine to his track, "My! My! My!"  

You can check out Hanagami's latest routine in the full video below:


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