The Way You Move

L.A. Dance Crew Locks It Down To Robin Thicke's Soulful Ballad 'Against The World'

The Kinjaz are killing it once again.

One of A Plus' favorite dance squads found a nice slow groove to take the edge of the summer heat when they choreographed an amazing video to Robin Thicke's tender balled "Against the World," written with Usher in 2005 for the In the Mix soundtrack.

Choreographer Steven "VillN" Lor of The Kinjaz, a Los Angeles-based crew that we covered last November, wrote in the video's description that the choice of Thicke's song for the group's smoothly executed performance came because he "wanted to slow down the music and allow myself to go places I've never been with Breakin' choreography."

The video captures some of the best in pop-lock choreography: a particularly difficult task when combined with a slow-tempo song like "Against the World."


"Against the World" is something of a cult classic despite not appearing on any of Thicke's albums: it's a favorite of dance squads and cover artists looking for a challenge.

The Kinjaz show just how much choreography they can extract from a song. The video is nothing short of fantastic — a fine example of the intricate work that the 30-plus "artist's brotherhood" puts in in an effort to further their self-professed "quest to fearlessly explore the depths of (their) imagination and artistic purpose."

In addition to his solo career Thicke, who recently performed at a Hilton resort in Bimini after performances in Shanghai, is well-known for his collaborations. In 2008, he contributed his keyboard talents to Usher's 2008 Billboard-topping single "Love In This Club." 


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