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She Felt Trapped By Ballet’s Gender Rules, And Now Leads An Inclusive And Innovative Troupe

“I want to lift, be more aggressive in my own movements, and also in my body.”

This ballerina became tired of playing a damsel in distress when she realized her worth and power. So, she began Challenging Gender Through Dance.

"Why am I always being asked to learn these roles of dying virgins and tortured women who need to be saved?" Katy Pyle, artistic director of the New York-based, LGBTQ-focused dance company Ballez, said in a new video from NBC Left Field. "What is up with all of these roles?"

The dancer, who has been training in ballet since the age of 3, has set a goal to represent lesbian, queer and transgender culture with her work by pushing the bar on traditional gender roles in the dance form.

"As my body started to change, my gender started to shift, I saw that those parts of me didn't belong inside of the form that I really loved, which was really devastating," she explained.

Pyle was never the waft, weak woman she saw represented in ballet. She didn't match the longer, leaner muscle physique of the everyday ballerina. Instead, she was really strong and wanted to proudly display that in something she truly loved to do.   

"I want to lift, be more aggressive in my own movements and also in my body," she said. "I have to change the bodies that are inside of that work in order to serve that community and to tell that story."

And she hopes to do the same for others, too.


Check out the video below featuring Pyle's story and beautiful choreography:

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