The Way You Move

This Dance Captures The Essence Of Being In Love With Someone Who's An Addict

No words needed, really.

Not all things in life are easy to talk about. Going through rough experiences as a child, losing a friend, being desperately in love with someone who doesn't love you back  — sometimes it's just  too hard to put our feelings into words. But when words fail, sometimes it's best to simply share a story through dance. 

And that's precisely what performers do in a gorgeous three minute short film entitled "Medicine." 

Set to the music of Daughter, the video was directed by Charles Baldassarra from Carlost et Marcus, a French creative agency. It tells a love story — carried out by the choreographer Zack Benitez and the singer Shy'm — that is "tangled in addiction."

"We see the consequences of a lover who is struggling with her partner's disease and the person he once was, only to succumb to his demons and dive head first into his addiction," it says in the description of Marcus' Vimeo page.

Scroll down to watch the entire video.


"Pick it up, pick it up," Daughter starts gently singing. "And start again."

"You could still be what you want to, what you said you were when I met you."

The dance quickly becomes very real. And dark.

Make sure to watch the entire dance below.

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