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These Two Performers Don’t Speak The Same Language, But What They Said With The Dance They Created Is Beautiful

"You feel me, I feel you. That's how it should be in this world."

What happens when two artists — who speak two different languages — are brought together to create a single work of art? 

In a video from Jubilee Media, two international dancers unite to choreograph a one-minute piece together despite their language barrier. The dancers, Rio June and David Vergaras, speak Japanese and Spanish, respectively. 

"We look forward to seeing the connection you make between words," Jubilee tells the participants. 

With that, the dancers turn on the music and try introducing themselves so that they can connect. Naturally, the interaction is slightly awkward, though this quickly begins to change as they get to understand each other a little more. 

"Now that we're working together ... we're working," Vergaras says as the exercise continues. "It doesn't matter that we haven't met or don't know each other. We have to find a solution. We have to make it work."

The duo continues practicing, choreographing their steps through sounds and movements while adjusting to each other's styles. 


"It was relatively 'easy' so to speak, once we realized the communication was more about the energy between us. I see you, you see me. You feel me, I feel you. That's how it should be in this world," Vergaras says.

Finally, Vergaras and June present their final piece, set to "Drifting" by G-Eazy featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez. 

At the end of the video, June notes that not being able to communicate through a common language was challenging, but here, dance served as its own language.

And that was all they needed. Check out the full performance below:

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