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Maddie Ziegler And Dancers Battling Cancer Show Off Moves And Raise Awareness In Stunning PSA

"My wish is to show that cancer doesn't have to stop you from living your dreams."

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In a video from Dancers Against Cancer, young dancers come together to share their personal wishes as well as perform a stunning routine to Macklemore's "Good Old Days" featuring Kesha

"The intent behind the 2018 Dancers Against Cancer PSA is to educate the greater public on the impactful actions of DAC and encourage the engagement of new donors and volunteers through the vehicle of movement and film," the organization writes on YouTube. DAC's mission is to create a community of dancers and provide support and inspiration to those in the community who have been impacted by cancer.


Prior to the performance in the 2018 PSA, a few dancers share their wishes while black-and-white footage plays on screen: 

"If I had one wish, I would wish that people recognize me for my art and my passion rather than my diagnosis," Dylan Balka, who has Hodgkin lymphoma, says.

"My wish is to dance forever," Joelle Truong, who has childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, shares. 

"My wish is to show that cancer doesn't have to stop you from living your dreams," Brooke Kotrla, who has stage II brain cancer, adds.

After a few more messages from dancers, the video turns from black-and-white to full color, and erupts into a joyful dance featuring all of the dancers as well as Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Footage also features all of the participants playing in a bouncy castle, showcasing their moves in a dance circle, and holding hands as a sign of unity. 

"This is so inspiring," one viewer comments on the video.

You can watch it all unfold below:


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