The Way You Move

Two Dancers Beautifully Portray The Story Of A Relationship, Set To An Emotional Justin Bieber Song

So beautiful.

In a new video from DanceOn, two exquisite dancers use their body movements to portray a couple's journey through their relationship.

"We fall in love, things shift, relationships end, questions arise. Been there?" a caption on the video reads

At the start of the dance, the two — Laura Quinn and Lee Gumbs — begin inside a home, dancing about an open living space lit by natural light pouring through the windows. 

From there on out, the scene switches back and forth between the indoor space to a bright sandy beach, were the couple twirls, lifts, spins, and embraces one another in an effortlessly captivating fashion. 

Moreover, the emotional number is appropriately set to Justin Bieber's tune "Nothing Like Us," a bonus track from his 2012 album, Believe

Whether you can relate to the performance or not, it's one you're sure to watch over and over.

Be sure to check out the full video below:



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