The Way You Move

An All-Star Team Of Dancers Proves Variety Is The Spice Of Life With A Hot New Routine

How many styles can you find in this clip?

You're familiar with the Avengers, right? They're the team of superheroes who bring their various skills together to slay those who would threaten the planet Earth.

But for slayage of a different kind, look no further than the latest clip from izo, formerly known as DanceOn. The company has assembled an all-star team of dancers — some who have been featured in A Plus' The Way You Move section — for a flashy routine set to "Trumpets," the bass-heavy, electronic dance music (EDM) track from Spanish DJ-producers Sak Noel and Salvi, and features rhymes from Sean Paul.

The tune might make listeners think of the sounds that pulsate from Ibiza, but the crew performing here instead visited California's Catalina Island to show off a slew of dance styles.

That's what makes this video so stunning is its celebration of dance. Not only does the scenery change every few seconds, but so do the interpretations and movements to the thump of "Trumpets." When one dancer is krumping, a pair may be lining up a graceful ballet move, while a trio may be hitting the floor in the background, busting skillful breakdancing moves. 


We were particularly entranced by Chloe Arnold and the Syncopated Ladies' tap routine ...

... but couldn't stop watching Laura Quinn and Jake Waiblinger's agile ballet feats ...

... and we wish we could keep our balance as well as the Bot Bros:

The nearly four minutes of funk culminates in a huge dance-off, where even more fantastic moves are displayed for those of us on this side of the screen. But again, no style dominates, as the dancers each give kudos and respect the variety of steps showcased in the clip, which also features performances from B-boy Ivan "Flipz" Velez, popper Madd Chadd, and Afrobeat choreographer Kara Jenelle Wade.

Check out the all-star video below:


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