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A Powerful Dance Video Inspired By Parkland Is Saying 'Enough' To Gun Violence

It features 130 kids.

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With the midterm elections only weeks away, a new video is drawing attention to the issue of gun violence in the United States. Inspired by the Parkland school shooting, a group of 130 talented kids is using dance to send a message.

The video, titled "Enough!", was created by Robert Fairchild and Ezra Hurwitz in partnership with the National Dance Institute and Everytown for Gun Safety, in order to draw attention to this serious issue and encourage young voters to head to the polls.


According to a press release, the video was inspired by a visit to the Miami City Ballet by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. One of the 17 victims of February's shooting was reportedly a dancer and a fan of the company.

The kids in the video range in age from 7 to 17, and perform choreography by James Alsop in various locations around a school campus, all set to a song by Sia titled "I'm Still Here," which features the apt lyric, "Lost youth, where did we go wrong?"

"In a world too often divided by words, the goal of this piece is to offer an inspiring bi-partisan message through dance that could uplift, inspire and motivate more effectively than any rhetoric," reads the press release, adding that it embodies the National Dance Institute's belief in the power of the arts.

The emotional video uses empty chairs and orange balloons as motifs. (Orange is a symbol of the fight to end gun violence.) In one scene, a girl stands in front of a sign which tells people to "vote for a better future." It ends with the statistic that an estimated 3 million American children experience gun violence each year. 

Everytown encourages viewers to visit to find candidates who support common-sense gun legislation.

Watch the full performance in the video below:


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