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These Mesmerizing Dance And Singing Duets Will Say Something To Your Soul

Prepare for an emotional experience.

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What happens when you get Beyoncé's choreographer and dance captain to team up with a YouTuber? Music video magic.

Choreographer Chris Grant and dance captain Ashley Everett recently teamed up with YouTuber Michael Korte to produce "Duets," a video focused on dance and vocal duets set to popular songs.


Grant and Everett appear in the video alongside dancers John Silver and Anthony Burrell. Singers India Carney, Mark Joseph, Elizabeth Komba, Bryson Camper, and Erin Cafferky also accompany them.

The video seamlessly transitions between popular duets such as Alicia Keys' and Usher's "My Boo" and Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" with dynamic and colorful visuals. The duets each include a male and female and as the vocal duos show off their pipes, with the dancing partners playing off the music by adding a passionate mixture of fast and slow-moving moves that tell stories of love, heartbreak, and anger. It's quite the emotional journey, but one that will likely have you singing along in the process.

Watch the emotional duets in full below:

(H/T: Dance Spirit)


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