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Bruno Mars Is Living For These Japanese Women Busting A Move To '24K Magic'

There's no age limit to get down.

Bruno Mars' endlessly catchy single "24K Magic," from his new album of the same name, has definitely inspired a lot of people to dance — whether they're professionals in the studio or amateurs in their living rooms. That desire to move with the music is universal, as proven by this trio of Japanese women whose video is going viral.

According to Rocket News 24, the ladies are aged 56, 59 and 61. Tori, the lady at the center of the group who is also the oldest, can pop and lock with the best of them. She's joined by "Mash" and "Tachiflower," who dance together at events and in commercials as "Bamboo Shoot." This new performance, in which they don kimonos and get down to Mars' hit, caught the attention of the magical man himself, who tweeted that it made his day.


The group was very excited to be recognized, sharing this smiling photo in response:

We can't help but be reminded of another inspiring take on Mars' music. Last year, a group of seniors put together an infectious music video recreating "Uptown Funk." Like them, these ladies are proving you're never too old to bust a move. 

Just look at them go!

They even change outfits for the grand finale.

Watch the ladies break it down in the video below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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