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'Britain's Got Talent' Judges Left In Awe After This Mesmerizing Dance Performance

We're short of words.

Today's society is not easily amused. 

But how could it be otherwise when we live in a world where sword-swallowers perform at local festivals, self-driving cars roam the streets and deep-fried margaritas are a thing?

Still, every now and then a new thing emerges that makes people gasp. Like this dance performance by Siberian dance troupe UDI. Their otherworldly routine aired last Saturday on TV show "Britain's Got Talent" and left the judges and the entire crowd speechless.


But it wasn't the props that made UDI's performance so special. All they needed was darkness, some UV lights and unbelievable talent.

Suspended in the background, the dancers used their fluorescent costumes to create the illusion that they were flying with the help of butterflies.

The troupe finished their stunning performance with a series of 'Matrix'-worthy tricks.

The judges were like "WHAT?!"

According to the video, UDI runs a dance school for underprivileged kids back in Tomsk, their hometown in Siberia. They work closely with Tomsk's orphanage in order to "give kids a sense of belonging" and help keep them away from crime and trouble.

The troupe's English-speaking representative explained that if UDI wins "Britain's Got Talent," their goal is to build a big school.

Watch the full performance below.

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