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These Tap-Dancing Women Get In 'Formation' And Perform A Hard-Hitting Beyoncé Number


"Tap is an art form that is by the people and for the people," Chloe Arnold, founder of the Syncopated Ladies, tells A Plus in an email. "There are no weight or height requirements, all you need is the passion and the love."

The Syncopated Ladies, an impressive female tap dance group, features world renowned tap dancers including Maud Arnold, Anissa Lee, Melissa Tannus, and more. 

"Our group is composed of the most intelligent, talented, hardworking, generous, illustrious, and diverse women. We embrace each other's individuality and come together seamlessly," Arnold says. "Our bond is priceless, our unity drives our strength ... We never tear each other down."

Arnold explains that dance, as an art form, has the power to communicate with all different types of people using a universal language. 

Additionally, while many things in life try to tear us down, dance lifts us up. It serves as a form of free creative expression, and "it transcends and welcomes all."


And just this week, the women released a choreographed number to Beyoncé's "Formation" that has completely blown us away.

According to Arnold, the group was so inspired and empowered by both Beyoncé and this particular song that they "knew we had to get in TAP formation."

In the video, the women radiate confidence, hitting every beat and adding in quick-moving tap maneuvers that are nothing short of impressive. 

Moreover, Arnold gives a powerful reason behind why she's proud to be a tap dancer:

"I feel so honored to carry on this traditional art form as a black woman, sharing with the world that our art form is alive, well, and on the cutting edge. Women have been marginalized and really not adequately acknowledged in our field, but we're here to change that and show young girls around the world that if we get in formation, our voices will be heard."

Needless to say, this performance is certainly something to be proud of.

Be sure to watch the full video below:


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