The Way You Move

This Belgian B-Boy Crew Wants A Few Minutes Of Your Time To Show Off Their Flashy Moves

All done in one take.

Back in March, Los Angeles-based DJ-producer Jauz teamed up with Belgian producer Netsky for an electronic dance music (EDM) track called "Higher."

Already a song that was sure to get people onto the floor, the tune has a new music video featuring some intense dance moves — all of which were reportedly filmed back-to-back in just one take. 

The dancers who pulled this off are known as the Battle Droids. Also from Belgium, they — according to the group's Facebook page — joined forces back in 2012. The youngsters definitely have moves well beyond their years, as they pull inspiration from hip-hop's Golden Era, but infuse some fresh style into their flashy B-boy and B-girl moves.


The crew initially gets the energy up during their introductory steps ...

... but before we know it, somehow, they end up here ...

... before powering through the mandatory head spin.

Check out the video below for more amazing moves from the Battle Droids crew:


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