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Ballerina Dances To Tragic 'Steven Universe’ Song, Making It Even More Moving

Tissues at the ready.

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A year and a half after Pearl broke viewers' hearts on the animated Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, a new ballet routine inspired by her song "It's Over Isn't It" has us welling up all over again.

The cable channel enlisted ballerina Juliet Doherty to choreograph and perform a dance conveying Pearl's emotions, and Doherty even dressed up like her animated counterpart for the video, which hit YouTube on December 24.

The song, performed by voice actor Deedee Magno-Hall, originally appeared in the July 2016 episode "Mr. Greg" as Pearl laments the future she never had with friend and leader Rose Quartz — as Rose had fallen in love with a human named Greg Universe and had given up her physical form to give birth to their son, Steven.

"It's over, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it over?" Pearl sings to a sleeping Greg in the episode. "You won, and she chose you, and she loved you, and she's gone. / It's over, isn't it? Why can't I move on?"

Just after the episode's air date, composer Rebecca Sugar told Tumblr followers this song was the hardest one she had written to date — "I wrote and scrapped five or six versions before arriving at this," she wrote — and revealed how much of a team effort it was.

"The long held note at the end after Pearl throws the rose in the air was a request from [director] Joe [Johnson]," Sugar wrote. "Deedee, [pianist] Aivi [Tran] and [producer] Surasshu [Velema] turned this song into something so incredible. Infinite thanks to them and to Jeff Ball on strings … This episode was a dream made real for me and I'm so so grateful to my amazing team!"

As much as fans were bowled over by the song back then, this new ballet reimagining impresses them further.

"This is incredible," writes one YouTube commenter. "The performance, of course, but I mean more specifically how [Cartoon Network] actually gave us this degree of content that shows us real-world application of beautiful dance. Like, there could be kids watching this that had never seen a true ballerina performance. This sort of exposure to heartfelt dance and culture shows that even CN can appeal with more mature entertainment that's also fun and rewarding."

Rose and Pearl's love story may be over — it is, isn't it? — but clearly the emotions from this kids' show continues to resonate with fans young and old alike.


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