The Way You Move

We Fell Into A Trance After Seeing These Dancers Do The Robot And Now We Can't Stop Watching

Their moves are so hypnotic.

Break dancing buffs may love head-spinning moves, crazy kicks, and footwork that defies explanation, but aficionados also appreciate popping and locking — with animated movements displayed within styles that are close cousins to B-boy and B-girl flare. 

Though the dance forms may have an easier entry point than break dancing, it takes just as much control and concentration to make the choreography pop and maintain its rigidity where necessary.

Case in point: this fluidly flowing, yet intensely reined-in, performance by the Ayyildiz Dance Crew. Composed of Turkish brothers Sinan Sahin and Sinan Sayar, the pair bring hip-hop to their homeland in a recently released video. Set to the Mazde Remix of Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind," the duo takes turns moonwalking, freezing in place, and rolling their hands and feet from point A to point B with the smoothest of transitions. 

It's quite hypnotizing to watch and we're pretty sure you'll agree.


Check out the video below:


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