The Way You Move

This Group's Routine To Adele's 'Hello' Just Took Dancing To A Whole Other Level

Things just got real.

Hold onto your hats, because Adele's "Hello" just got even more amazing. 

How, you ask? Let us introduce you to The Kinjaz.

The L.A.-based dance group recently performed a routine to the hit off of the singer's new album 25, and their moves are just as heart-stopping as the vocals themselves. 

Exhibit A:


The best part is that the group, which is made up of 30 dancers in total, uses their skills to encourage people to donate to charitable causes. 

Their latest initiative is an IndieoGoGo campaign to help fund a "dojo" so that they can teach students their awesome moves, which is promoted on their "Hello" dance. 

"'s us....we've been wondering if after all these years you'd like to watch our new video," the group wrote on the Vimeo page. 

Yes, yes we would. 

Check it out below:


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