The Way You Move

This 15-Year-Old Might Actually Be A Robot


If you thought Ashlynn Marie was just another typical 15-year-old girl, then you thought wrong. 

Because underneath that human-looking skin are electrical circuits and buttons, making her a robot. Don't believe us? Just take a look: 


OK, fine. so Ashlynn might actually be a normal teen, but she certainly doesn't move like one. Her robot popping technique is getting her noticed on the Internet and when you see the YouTube video of her dancing, you'll understand why. 

Check it out here:

Yup, her moves are pretty sweet and ViralNova notes she even choreographs her own routines. In Ashlynn's YouTube description, she writes: "I think dance is amazing and [I] love dancing to dubstep and all music!" 

We hope she continues dancing for a long time, because she sure is good at it. 

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(H/T ViralNova


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