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12-Year-Old Girl Learned To Dominate At Dubstep Just By Watching YouTube Videos

"You can do anything if you really have a passion for it."

Twelve-year-old Adilyn Malcolm wanted to learn to dance to dubstep, so she turned to where many of her generation turn to when it comes to learning new things: YouTube. 

"I just go on YouTube, look up random stuff like, 'how to dubstep' or 'how to pop and lock,' and to learn the move, I usually watch the video over and over and over," she said in a video posted on Fusion's YouTube channel.

Within just eight months, she went from novice to supernova.

The truest indicator of her success and hard work?


She makes it look easy, when it's anything but.

"It all began from a report for Michael Jackson and I went on the Internet," she says, "and I fell upon dancing to dubstep, and I just started practicing and going on from there."

Check out her incredible video here:

She continues: "Sometimes you can transfer one move to another, you just go with the flow. And its kind of weird because I'm just like in my Lala Land."

"I think I can show people that you can do anything if you really have a passion for it."

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