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Why Rob Gronkowski Says Athletes Have A Right To Speak Out With Charity Or Their Ideas

“Everyone has their voice.”

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Rob Gronkowski is used to going up against fellow footballers during NFL games, but a new challenge will have the two-time Super Bowl winner going against two Hollywood heavyweights — all for a good cause, of course.


The New England Patriots tight end has teamed up with Honey Nut Cheerios for a new program called Good Rewards, an initiative that gives families the chance to give back and team up with their favorite celebs, including Gronk, Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale, and Michael B. Jordan of Creed and Black Panther fame. All they have to do is scan the Buzzcoin symbol on any box of Honey Nut Cheerios to rack up points for their chosen team, with the winning team scoring $100,000 for their charity: The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation (Team Gronk), ASPCA (Team Hale), and Feeding America (Team Jordan).

"I grew up in Buffalo, where Cheerios are made," Gronkowski tells A Plus about why this partnership is different than others. "So every time we went to downtown Buffalo for a sporting event, we could smell the Cheerios in the air. So now, being on the box of Honey Nut Cheerios is surreal and totally brings back all those fun childhood memories."

In addition to the nostalgia attached to the Good Rewards program, Gronkowski said it's a chance for him and his family to further pursue their passion for helping young people not only stay actively involved in school and sports but to have the tools they need to reach their maximum potential.

New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski in a promotional photo from Honey Nut Cheerios.
Courtesy: Cheerios

"Growing up, I was lucky to have all the tools and support of my family to play sports, which opened up a lot of doors for me," he adds. "I want to make sure other kids have that same opportunity to be involved in sports so they can be successful through athletics and school."

While he is passionate to give back to the community that he grew up in and the one he represents, Gronkowski doesn't think that people in the spotlight have to feel the same way he does.

"I don't think it's a responsibility necessarily, but if it's something you like to do, you can have the opportunity to make a really positive impact on your community," Gronkowski notes. "It's something I'm very passionate about, so I'm glad that I can support local youth sports in the New England area and help kids live their dreams."

And, when it comes to these public figures — specifically athletes — being outspoken about issues that are important to them, Gronkowski is all for it.

"Everyone has their voice," Gronk explains. "So if an athlete wants to raise awareness and they think it can help out, so be it."


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