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How ‘Wonder Woman’ Reinforces My Belief In The Power Of Strong Women

"Only love can truly save the world."

Wonder Woman — which is released in theaters this Friday — deserves the hype it's received.

Led by female heroines in front of and behind the camera, the film will surely empower every woman, young and old, who sees it.  

But aside from her superhero, bullet-stopping, save-the-world heroics that shock every man who sees her in action, Wonder Woman embodies everything I already knew to be true in a powerful female — especially those who believe in themselves.

Her deeply profound beauty is not simply in her exterior features, but, more than that, in her approach to life and living.

In a man's world, she dominates. Yes, she can be loud and demanding for what she knows is right. Yes, she can hold her own while protecting her fellow man, or several men, in this case. Yes, she has poise and grace, tenacity and resilience, but most of all, she believes in the female power she possesses.

It holds true for each and every woman who knows their worth, their strength, and their abilities to be more than what society defines them to be or not.

The wonder of a woman is evident in every female who decides to not stand by and be a lesser human being. The power of she is unstoppable when used with the right approach — leading with love and righteousness, and subsiding the fear of failure.

Wonder Woman explained how, "in the name of all that is good," her strength is "fueled by the power of love," and she's so right.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I know this to be true in my daily existence, and I see the light that penetrates through my soul right into the eyes and heart of my daughter. But that illumination is in every strong, fearless woman I meet who knows she can do whatever she sets her mind out to do despite the naysayers and haters.

We are more than our physical features. We are well-rounded people who have an awful lot to offer the world when our heart is in the right place. Yes, it may sound like a sensitive formula to living, but on the contrary: that is exactly the root of our power.

The fact that we can encompass compassion while kicking ass, and showing that we will not stand by and simply watch the injustices that surround us in this world is evident around the globe as women are the heartbeat of functioning societies. And if a society is failing, dying even, women breathe new life into it, making it flourish and succeed.

Strong women fight wars and win with their minds, agility, unwavering abilities to multitask, and persuade even the harshest critics while loving unconditionally, not only ourselves, but our children, families, friends, and even strangers.

Not every woman possesses such strength, but those who can look at their reflection, stand strong with other women, and say without a doubt "Only love can truly save the world — this is my mission," those are the true wonder women of all time — and we finally have it represented on the big screen.

Check out the "Wonder Woman" trailer below, and the film, in theaters starting Friday, June 2:


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