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3 Types Of People Will Show Up To Your Super Bowl Party. Here’s How To Make Them Happy.

This is when you shouldn't ask questions about football ...

With Super Bowl Sunday less than a week away, preparations are underway for your party for the first major U.S. sporting event of the year. While you might have drinks and snacks all ready to go, there's one thing you may have forgotten to prepare for — how to accommodate all of your guests and their various needs during the big game.

There are three types of guests who attend Super Bowl parties: those who want to watch the game, those who enjoy the commercials, and those who reserved their Sunday evening to watch the halftime show.


So how do you make sure each of these partygoers has a good time? We have some ideas you — and they — can use to make sure everyone plays nicely together.

1. If you have a question about football, save it for the right moment.

Football fans have waited all season for the Super Bowl and when it's game time, they want no distractions.

At that moment, they're caught up in yelling at the referees when a foul is called against the team they're rooting for, or they're too busy yelling at said team for messing up a play. And the last thing these die-hard fans want is someone asking a technical question in the middle of a touchdown dance.

So when do you ask your question? The best time is in between plays when not much is going on and when there aren't any new Super Bowl commercials on the TV screen. That way, you won't distract the true fans of the sport or get in the way of a Super Bowl ad enthusiasts' fun either.

And if all else fails, it's time to just Google your question. You're probably not alone in wanting to know the answer.

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2. You're allowed to react to Super Bowl ads, but let others watch first.

The Super Bowl is special because it attracts non-football fans who look forward to watching the commercials every year.

Whether they're laughing or crying hysterically at a car or beer commercial, the thing that will disturb them the most is someone who starts an off-topic conversation before the punchline of a 30-second ad is delivered. So the best thing to do is to focus on what's on TV for however long the ads run and wait for non-action scenes from the field before resuming conversations.

Reacting to a commercial is normal and part of the Super Bowl experience. But if you're not participating in the fun, then that's a party foul. Pun intended.

3. It's OK to shush someone during the halftime show.

You have a music-loving guest who heard their favorite musician will perform at the Super Bowl's halftime show. The anticipation has been building since the end of last year, and after what feels like an eternity of football and commercials, the musical extravaganza is about to begin. Questions like, "Will anything top Left Shark?" and "Is there going to be an NSYNC reunion this year if Justin Timberlake's performing?" run through their head. The last thing they need is a distraction from any fellow partygoers.

While commentary on the performance is always welcome to keep that special Super Bowl experience alive, the music-loving guest has the right to shush someone if they're suddenly unable to hear what's being sung.

They can't fully experience the performance with too much noise — especially if there's an NSYNC reunion happening right before their eyes! — so be polite and let them experience pop culture live as it happens.

So when the big day arrives on Sunday, keep these tips in mind, but don't forget to enjoy yourself. The best part about the Super Bowl is its ability to unite friends — whether or not they like football — for some end-of-week fun.

And if all else fails, you can always stream the Puppy Bowl instead. Who would disrupt the Puppy Bowl?!

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