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Yonee Brings Attention To Children In Foster Care With The Premiere Of 'Bombs Of My Love'

Bringing along a positive message is music to our ears.

Back in August, self-taught producer and songwriter Yonee released his debut single, "Bombs of My Love." Now, exclusively on A Plus, he premieres the music video for the track that bring awareness to the unique needs of children in foster care kids.

"At a young age, I was emotionally impacted by a very heart-wrenching book series: A Child Called It, Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave," Yonee tells A Plus. "It gave me an inside look at the struggles of children moving through the foster care system. Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with underprivileged children in (the) Boys and Girls Club in Orlando, and children affected by abandonment."

Yonee adds that the goal of his music is to inspire and uplift people, and notes that there are many children in the world who weren't afforded the same opportunities he had while growing up. "I decided that if I could use my voice to make an impact on the 400,000 children in foster care and help shed a light to brighten their future, I would," he says.

In addition to his music, he's teamed up with the nonprofit organization Together We Rise, which is "dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America," and helps those kids through such initiatives as $100 shopping sprees to help them purchase the clothing they need. Yonee was introduced to Together We Rise by House of Darlings, an organization founded by Diana Garcia in 2013 that aims to inspire artists to use their influence for good. HOD was created as a means to inspire giving and to bring awareness to charitable initiatives through socially conscious fashion collections, such as those that help foster kids through Together We Rise — something that will make listeners enjoy the song just a little bit more than they already will, with its acoustic and electronic dance music (EDM) elements.

"The lyrics to 'Bombs of My Love' give the listener an uplifting and positive feeling, and I wanted to use it to promote good and help others," says Yonee, who released a concept video leading up to "Bombs of My Love" that speaks to the sometimes negative perception people have of the world, thanks to the headlines seen in the news. "I think music is a universal tool that can connect with everyone. It doesn't matter what age you are, race, religion — everyone can feel the emotion of a positive song and come together as a community. That's the beauty of it. The melody can speak to people in a way that no other language can."

It's no surprise, then, that Yonee has been inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Max Martin, and Ed Sheeran, but "Michael Jackson's charitable contributions really made an impact on me. Throughout his life, he used his talent to help people and his music continues to uplifts listeners around the world," he says. 

"My biggest inspiration in terms of charity has to definitely be my parents," he adds. "My father is a doctor, and to see him wake up in the early hours day after day to take care of the sick has ingrained that sense of hard work to help others. My mother, a selfless and loving person, had survived cancer and seeing her go through that, I could never sit still knowing there is so much hurt in the world."

It's clear that Yonee isn't just making music for the sake of hearing himself sing, and is using his talent to bring about more good in the world. 

"It's important that we don't take every day for granted as every day is a gift to help others that are in need," he says. "Also, get involved in your local community."


Check out the video to "Bombs of My Love" below:


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