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This Teen Overcame Bullying To Blow 'The Voice' Coaches Away With Her Audition

Her powerful performance turned all four chairs.

On Sunday night, following the closing ceremony of the Olympics, NBC aired a special preview episode of The Voice's upcoming eleventh season. It didn't take long to recognize what amazing talent we have to look forward to when the show officially premieres September 19.

One of the most memorable moments of the night happened when 17-year-old Wé McDonald took the stage for her blind audition. She chose to perform "Feeling Good," famously sung by Nina Simone. The teen's deep, soulful voice couldn't have been more suited to it.


New coach Miley Cyrus was the first to push her button and cheer Wé on.

It didn't take long for Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton to follow suit.

Adam Levine held out a little longer, but he pushed his button just in time. When the talented teen finished her audition and introduced herself, the coaches were surprised to hear how different her speaking voice was from what they heard from in audition. 

Alicia complimented her for being "perfectly yourself," and Wé expressed how much that meant to her.

"It's phenomenal that you'd say something like that to me," she said, "because I was bullied for the longest time, and I was ashamed of who I was."

"It's the scariest thing in the world to feel alone," Miley acknowledged. "But you're definitely not. You have four people who are about to — trust me — go ham to get you on their team."

With tears in her eyes, Alicia offered her own support. "I don't want to be like anybody else, and I don't want you to be like anybody else. You were born to show people what love sounds like."

Those words clearly connected with Wé, because when it came time to choose a coach, she went with Alicia.

Check out Wé's amazing performance below:


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