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Wale's New Video For 'Matrimony' Will Rip Your Heart Out — And Not Just Because Usher's In It

Why, Wale (and Usher), why?!

Just when you think you've finally broken free of Usher and his sexiness, he appears yet again. This time, he's featured alongside Wale in the artist's new music video for "Matrimony." The video starts out sweet enough: A wedding is about to start, people are smiling and enjoying each other's company, Ursher (spelled phonetically) graces us with his angelic vocals, but then things get a lil bit dark. 


Apparently, Wale used to love (or was maybe having an affair?) with the main woman.

But now she's getting married and Wale is having a hard time with that.

And Usher's all like, 'I feel ya, man, but like, there's nothing you can do,' probably.

Clearly this bride has unfinished business because when Wale busts into the church, everyone who thought they were about to see a wedding is about to be really disappointed.

Seriously, guys, our hearts can't take it.

Naturally, people on social media had some reactions to the video: good, bad and confused.

Even Nicki Minaj was like, 'What?!'

But, of course, this was the video's most important takeaway:



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