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This Couple Kissed In Church, But It Was The Reaction From Parishioners That Really Got To Us

"... bring hope to people who’ve felt that it wasn’t OK to be themselves."

Trey Pearson came out as gay last summer in (614) Magazine and has seen his universe turned completely upside down since then. Now, nearly a year after revealing his secret to the world, Pearson is back in the spotlight with his first solo single and its extremely moving music video.

"Silver Horizon" was originally released as a song on April 3, and the visual aspect is now online and is showcasing the singer-songwriter's journey. In the clip, Pearson stands in the back of a church watching a young gay guy singing before a congregation. After the performance, the young man is joined onstage and shares a kiss with another young man as everyone cheers.

Pearson — who was the lead singer of Christian rock band Everyday Sunday for about 20 years — said he feels "liberated" now, but, he admits, some things have been "difficult."

"When you have this major part of your life that you've tried to hold down, suppress and ignore ... it feels like a valve has popped open," the Ohio native told The Huffington Post. "I feel a lot of freedom to express myself and what I'm going through. Honestly, I've written more songs in this past year than ever before. I just feel like I've had so much to write about."

The 36-year-old, who wants to be someone kids can look up to and feel inspired by, said he hopes "Silver Horizon" will "bring hope to people who've felt that it wasn't OK to be themselves."

"I hope people smile as much when they see [the video] as I do," he added. "Hopefully, it can help change people's hearts on how they view same-sex relationships." 


Check out the full music video for “Silver Horizon” here:

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