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Watch These Sisters Wow Ellen With An Epic, Bruno Mars-Flavored ‘90s Mash-Up

And then get a surprise of their own.

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Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, five siblings known as The Tonga Sisters take us back to the '90s with their epic mash-up of hits from the beloved decade set to "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars. Beyond the music, though, these ladies were there to inspire.


The five young women — Alexsia, Tiueti, Lela, Elisiva, and Nini from Laie, Hawaii — start out with and end with the 2016 jam, and go back in time in the middle. Songs they cover included: "Real Love" by Mary J. Blige from 1992, "Don't Walk Away" by Jade from 1992, "Candy Girl" by New Edition from 1982 (the only non-'90s tune), "Candy Rain" by Soul For Real from 1995, and "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan from 1995. Essentially, they gave us our new go-to retro playlist.

After performing, The Tonga Sisters go over to greet and lei DeGeneres. They tell her how they grew up on '90s music thanks to their dad, started singing in church, and how they harmonize all the time (even doing so on the spot). DeGeneres points out that the siblings want to do something beyond music and she proceeds to inquire about their ambitions in life.

One sister wants to be a dentist, another wants to be a doctor, one wanting to be a statistician, another wants to be a pediatrician or sports medicine physician, and the last jokes about wanting to be an NFL player before saying that she wants to be an FBI agent because of her love of Criminal Minds. Then things get a bit emotional.

"I just want to give a shout-out to my mom because she's the reason why we have these ambitions and these goals. And it's not for the singing — sorry, we're so emotional because of her — but it's because she's instilled within us the desire to want to have a career and a steady job and be independent and just do really well for ourselves," one sibling says, getting a little emotional. "So we want to say shout-out to mama — she's the one who started our harmonizing and everything, but thank you to our mom for just putting that within us."

In the end, DeGeneres says she hopes the girls include singing in whatever they choose to do before revealing a final surprise up her sleeve. Shutterfly wants to help their collegiate dreams come true and gives them each $10,000 to help out.

Keep on singin' and achievin' ladies!

Watch the video of The Tonga Sisters on “Ellen” here:


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